Masai Mara Trip October 2007

Rekero Camp

Here are a few photos of this wonderful camp at the Talek river. It is run by Gerard Beaton and his very competent (but funny talking) manger Rob Stower. If you plan on a trip at the Mara we highlly recommend it.

The food is great, the staff are great, the accomodations are very comfortable, and the wildlife is literally just outside your door at night. This camp is taken down for 2 months every year, then reassembled for the next season.

Rokero is right inside the Masai Mara National Reserve, so you are not allowed to go on walks or night drives. The abundance of wildlife you see during the day makes up for this.

Gerard's wife and Kate, another camp assistant


Rob (Mr. Rugby) Stower


Two of the many guards that watched over the camp at night and escorted us around


Our camp was located on the Talek river


A common area where we met and had tea time at precisely 4 PM every day. This is an important ritual carried over from the British days.


Different view of above. Lots of conversations, naps, eating, and drinking occurred in this room day and night. Off to the right, out of the picture, is the dining area.


Our comfortable rooms. On the pink table at the left our early morning wakeup person would leave us tea or coffee at 6 AM.



Wash basin in front of the shower


Any time you needed a shower they would bring hot water


The loo


Lunch was outside every afternoon. We saw wildebeest and leopard crossing the river one afternoon.

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