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Two pins were put in this fracture of this femur. They are called intra medullary pins because they are in the center of the bone. This cat will heal fine and should return to almost 100% in a few months.

The white arrow points to a tumor that is growing under the skin by the chest.

This is barium flowing through the stomach and intestines 15 minutes after it was given. The manner in which the barium flows along with the rate at which it flows are important diagnostic aids.

These are normal kitten bones. The arrows point to growth plates, not fractures. The growth plates allow the bones to grow longer, and will disappear when this kitten matures

The black circle outlines a pellet in the skull. Pellets and BB's are often incidental findings and are not usually removed unless they are causing a problem.

The two large, oval white objects on each side of the spine are enlarged kidneys. They are enlarged in this cat because of cancer, although there can be other causes of enlarged kidneys.

This cat has a tumor at the bottom of its stomach. It is the round white area just above the white arrow. Normal organs visualized are:

L- Liver



I- Small Intestine

B- Urinary Bladder

This was an easy diagnosis. Its called the "rubber band coming out of the fanny" syndrome.

The arrows outline the appearance of the rubber band in the rectum.

Can you see all of the kittens in this radiograph?

To learn more about x-rays you can visit our radiology section in the hospital tour page.

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