Poison Phone Numbers

  • Pet poison Helpline- 800-213-6680
  • Animal Poison Control Center-  888-426-4435
  • National Animal Poison Control Center- 800-548-2423
  • Kansas State University- 758-532-5679

Be prepared to give the following information:

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • Any information regarding the exposure (ie; the amount of poisonous product, the amount of times since the exposure to the poison, etc.)
  • The species of animal, breed, age, sex, weight and whether or not more than one animal is involved
  • The name of the poison or type of poison that the animal was exposed to, if you know (provide as much information as possible)
  • What problems or symptoms that your animal or animals are experiencing

The Long Beach Animal Hospital, staffed with emergency vets, is available until the evenings 7 days per week to help if your pet is having any problems, especially shock, seizures, pain, difficulty breathing, or bleeding.

Think of us as your Long Beach Animal Emergency Center to help when you need us for everything from minor problems to major a major emergency. We serve all of Los Angeles and Orange county with our Animal Emergency Center Long Beach, and are easily accessible to most everyone in southern California via Pacific Coast Hwy or the 405 freeway.

If you have an emergency that can be taken care of by us at the Animal Emergency Hospital Long Beach always call us first (562-434-9966) before coming.  This way our veterinarians can advise you on what to do at home and so that our staff and doctor can prepare for your arrival. To learn more please read our Emergency Services page.

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