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The Long Beach Animal Hospital is open 7 days per week. We are available to provide emergency care for your pet or exotic pet any time one of our doctors is present. A doctor available until midnight every night but Wednesday. Always call us first, because if one of our doctors is not available we will direct you where to go.

Emergencies take precedence over anything else and we will stop whatever we are doing to assist your pet. Always call us before coming in to make sure we have a doctor available and help us prepare for your arrival. We might give you suggestions on something you should do at home before you bring your pet to us.

After our doctor examines your pet or exotic pet, we have the ability to perform immediate blood panel and x-rays. We can also hospitalize your pet if needed and have a technician that lives in our building to treat your pet through the night.

We have a blood machine that will give us a detailed report in 30 minutes

Emergency care for pets and exotic pets includes available blood panels providing a complete blood workup in just 30 minutes.

We have digital radiography to also give us an immediate result

If an animal needs an x-ray as part of its emergency care, onsite x-rays are available for your pet or exotic pet.