Month: May 2012

Masai Mara 2007- Lions

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This page shows pictures of beautiful males, cubs, females, and mating lions.

This relaxed male was not bothered by our presence and calmly yawned his boredom.

These playful cubs put on a show for us

Their mother kept a watchful eye to make sure we did not feed them any junk food

These cubs played for each other for hours

They even played with a large male

This was not a good idea after they tried his patience a little too long

These juvenile males gave us a good chance to capture some drinking lions. John has the 500 mm lens, and we had plenty of time to anticipate the action.

John did good and got them at the right moment

This lioness was resting in the evening sun after an unsuccessful impala stalk

These females are getting ready to go on a hunt (great shot Peter)

In the early morning light this male was using his powerful voice to call another large male

The other male came over but kept on going

So our friend sat down and relaxed in the morning sun

Pretty soon his girlfriend showed up, so you can imagine what happened next

She walked right past the male as he took note of her

As she vied for his attention he played hard to get for quite a while

Every once in a while he glanced her way…..

…..and then ignored her again

So she kept on trying….

…. and finally got what she wanted

This young male lion was ready for an ambush

The wildebeest had no idea he was there. The male was just a little too far away, and not very hungry according to our guide, to go after them. So the wildebeest lived another day.

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Masai Mara 2007- Lewa Downs

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Lewa is not a camp like our other two locations. It has permanent, rustic, and luxurious cottages in a beautiful setting. It has been run by the Craig family for the last 30 years. They have dedicated themselves to conservation of the animals in this part of Africa.

At Lewa you can go on horseback rides, camel rides, and long walks, and evening game drives in open vehicles. There are many rhino because it is a protected area. While we were there Simon King of the BBC (he is a big part of Big Cat Diaries on TV) was filming 3 cheetah brothers as they went about their day. They killed an ostrich, which we were told will be on TV in 2009. To think we were right there with him……

Very comfortable and warm meeting area

Same room from a different angle

Dining area

Meeting area prior to going off on walks etc.

My bedroom

It was a large room that could fit a familly. There were even beds in a loft. Nights were cool due to the elevation so a fire welcomed you after the evening meal.

The view off the veranda from my bedroom

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Masai Mara 2007- Leopard

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This elusive cat showed up a few times on our trip. Like all the big cats we can watch them for hours. Unlike the lions and cheetahs, leopards prefer to do things in private, so you have to get that shot when you can. One morning this female was found just outside our camp.

She was intent on something so we stayed with her. She moved through the grass rapdily so following her was not easy.

We were lucky to get a shot of her when she dashed off to attack a baby warthog. She was succesful, and move her prey into higher grass to eat. That was the last we saw of her.

This female was found when we heard her calling her young.

She walked right past us, and moved so quickly I did not have time to change lenses or cameras. So I had to stay with the 500mm lens, which was too much lens for this distance. At least I got a closeup!

Let’s test your eyesight. Do you see the leopard in this photo? It’s in the middle left branch of the far right tree. Sometimes this is the only view you get of wildlife. Lucky we have “eagle eyed” guides with us.

As we move closer she is much easier to see

She stayed in that branch until it got too dark to photograph

This beauty came out and posed for us in the late afternoon sun

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Masai Mara 2007 Group 3

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The Shot Meisters

Yea, our final group at Rekero camp.

A couple of “Cheetah Chicks” teaching the cheetahs the proper way to pose

This group was serious about their photography

They also knew how to have fun

A nice uphill hike to stretch the legs at Wilderness Trails Lewa

They took so many photos we never had time for a photo contest.
Instead, we reviewed photos at our mid-day break

Catching that good afternoon sun….

Rick is in his glory!

Getting psyched up for our camel ride

Our final breakfast at Rekero

One last group shot at Lewa


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CH and Marsha

Peter and Kallie


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Masa Mara 2007 Group 2

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This page has just a few of the numerous photos we took of our second group at Ol Seki.

 The Cheetah Chasers

Ol Seki is a beautiful camp with its ambiance and style

Our day at Ol Seki started just as early as the other camps. We tried to catch that early morning sun.

By 9 AM we were back for a hardy and gourment breakfast. The breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at Ol Seki were a delight.

This camp allowed walking tours, so we took advantage of this whenever we could

On occasion we had a unique “hunter” Masai take us on a stroll

At the end of our walk we had our refreshments in the daytime……..

……. and our sundowners in the evening

Many an hour was spent relaxing and game viewing

Group 2 had lots of avid photographers

They also had an awesome balloon ride

They took off as the sun was rising

It is a nice vantage point for the Mara

The animals are not bothered by the balloon so you glide right over them

The landing is as much fun as the ride

On our last night the guides put on a song and dance routine for us.

It was a dance in our honor, showing their pride in their traditions and respect for us for coming to their land

After their routine they waited in eager anticipation of our song and dance (boy were they disappointed)

We reciprocated with our version of “auld lang syne” Who the heck picked that song?

On our last day they gave us a surprise breakfast in the bush (there is more to this story in case you want to hear it)

Time for Dr. P to say good riddance to group 2 and all their antics and get ready to meet Group 3 back at Rokero again.

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Dean and Norma






Pat and Karen

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