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18 03, 2019

Household Poisons

2019-12-21T04:52:06-08:00March 18th, 2019|General, Tips|

  Many common pet poisons are in our homes and yards. Some of the more common ones to watch for are:   Methylxanthines- chocolate and caffeine Ethylene glycol- antifreeze Indoor plants Metaldehyde- snail bait poison Household cleaners- bleach and lye Silica gel packs Acetaminophen- tylenol Xylitol- sugar free sweetener in chewing gum Rat poison Fertilizers Insect bait stations Walnuts Alcohol Strychnine Insecticides NSAID's- Ibuprophen Helpful Tips: Keep medications off night table Plastic weekly pill holders look and sound like dog rattle chew toys Keep purses with medication high and out of reach Store pet medications apart from human medications Do

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