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24 04, 2019

Puppy's First Vet Visit

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Goal To prepare your puppy to be handled, restrained, groomed, and vaccinated throughout its life. Tools you will need Your pup, some yummy treats, and some time. Yummy Treats Overview Ask any veterinarian or groomer what they dislike most about their profession, and they are likely to say, "Handling uncooperative or aggressive dogs!" In many cases, the aggression that veterinarians and groomers deal with could be avoided if we taught our dogs, from a very early age, to put up with the discomfort that often accompanies visits to the doctor and the groomer. We can accomplish this by "desensitizing" our

24 04, 2019

Socializing Your Puppy

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Goal of Socialization To help your puppy get along well with others; to become a well behaved member of the community; and to be a confident and psychologically healthy dog. Tools you will need Just you and your dog and some yummy treats and fun toys. Overview There is an important developmental stage that occurs in all dogs between the ages of seven and sixteen weeks of age. This is the time when puppies learn (whether we teach them or not!) which things in life are good and which are not. Now commonly referred to as a critical socialization or

24 04, 2019

Puppy Behavior Training

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Introduction More dogs are euthanized for behavior problems than for any other reason. In almost all of these dogs, early, correct, and persistent training techniques will reverse this dismal statistic. This section contains information about a variety of canine training techniques and behavior modification programs that will help you teach your dog basic manners that s/he needs to live in human society. Learn how to solve common behavior problems like house training, puppy mouthing and biting, adolescent destructiveness, teaching Fido to come when called, and preventing aggression. The information you find here is based on contemporary humane training techniques that

24 04, 2019

Handling Your Puppy

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  Goal To prepare your puppy to be handled, restrained, and groomed throughout its life. Tools you will need Cotton balls or plain cleansing pads Nail trimmers and short, wooden match sticks Scissors Electric clippers Brushes and combs Strips of an old t-shirt or sheet (or real gauze) Yummy treats   Overview One of the saddest things to see is a dog that is absolutely terrified of something as simple as a nail trim. I have seen dogs lose control of bodily functions, scream in terror, struggle violently, and bite and scratch in their frantic attempts to avoid having their

24 04, 2019

Preventing Behavior Problems

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Goals To teach your pup specific behaviors that will help him/her avoid developing annoying and/or dangerous behavior problems. Tools you will need Food bowl and food Yummy treats "Home alone Toys" (Buster Cubes, activity Balls, Kongs, etc.) Overview More dogs are put to sleep annually in animal shelters than die from diseases. Most of these dogs are under one year of age. The reasons are many, but certainly a major contributor to this sad state of affairs is people’s expectations of what dogs are all about, and people’s failure to successfully guide their pups into healthy adulthood. Many of these