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29 05, 2019

Urinary Stones and Sludge (hypercalciuria)

2020-02-14T06:00:51-08:00May 29th, 2019|Rabbit|

Rabbits make wonderful pets, that need special attention from everyone in your family regarding their health  Rabbits are prone to problems of the urinary tract.  These problems range from irritating sludge in the bladder, to kidney problems,  to the formation of a bladder stone that needs surgical removal. Sludge is urine thickened by calcium salts to the point of being chalky and thick in consistency, sometimes as thick as toothpaste. This causes problems in the urinary bladder usually, although it can occur in the kidneys or ureters. There are many factors why a rabbit might get this problem, so it is important to

24 05, 2019

Clients and Their Pets

2020-02-14T04:59:50-08:00May 24th, 2019|Current News|

Check out some of the new people that came in with their pets this week. You will find them in the Clients & Pets menu heading at the top of the page.

17 05, 2019

Typical Day for Our Technicians

2020-02-14T04:58:42-08:00May 17th, 2019|Animal Health Technicians, General|

Our animal health technicians(AHT's) perform one of the most important jobs at our hospital. Without their help we would not be able to provide such a high quality of medical care. They work as a team, and are very flexible in helping each other. Lets take a look at what happens during a typical (and busy) day...... They start their day early, with at least one of them arriving at work at 6:30 AM. They assess all of the hospitalized pets and given them whatever treatment is needed. This treatment board is their control panel. It allows them to stay

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