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8 12, 2019

Symptoms of Diseases

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It is sometimes difficult to determine if your pet is ill, especially since many pets have subtle signs of illness that they easily hide from owners. Here are 7 basic areas you should observe on a daily basis to help determine if your pet needs an exam by one of our doctors. Eating Watch your pets daily eating habits for : difficulty chewing odor swelling pawing at its muzzle Since dental disease is so prevalent please follow the link to learn how this can affect your pet's eating. This video shows a cat that cannot eat well due to dental disease. Breathing When your

5 12, 2019

Vincent Palmeri- Extern Daily Diary  12/4/18

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Today was another great experience at LBAH.  I started my day going over very important cases with Dr. P, cases that are very common on a daily basis for veterinarians.  The case we discussed was about Lil man.  Lil man is a 10.5 year old neutered male Shitzu that came in because he was not eating, and unexplained urinary accidents at home.  His examination and lab diagnostics pointed towards a infection in the urinary system.  With a great assessment by the doctors and proper medical treatment, Frankie has been doing much better at home since he was discharged.  Urinary diseases