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20 06, 2020

Masai Mara 2007 Camera Equipment

2020-06-20T13:08:24-07:00June 20th, 2020|Wildlife Photographer, Wildlife Photography, Wildlife Photography Blog|

Everyone brought a point and shoot camera along with their own personal digital SLR camera. These cameras were either the Canon 20D, 30D, 40D, or Rebel Xti. They did great and everyone learned much more about photography and had a ball shooting all those photos I had to edit! A very important part of our equipment were the lenses. When it comes to wildlife photography it seems you can never get close enough. I brought along a Canon 500 mm lens, which was used to take the majority of animal photos on the trip. It was invaluable, and will go

20 06, 2020

Masai Mara 2007

2020-06-20T13:05:38-07:00June 20th, 2020|Wildlife Photography Blog|

In October of 2007 I took a group of people to the Masai Mara in Kenya for a photographic workshop during the wildebeest migration. Even though we literally took tens of thousands of photos by the time we were done (in spite of the fact we missed many great photo ops), it was primarily a fun shop. Our goals were to travel to an exotic locale, have an adventure, enjoy each other's company, get some memorable photos, and view some spectacular wildlife. We scored on all accounts, and want to share this adventure with everyone. We will be going on

20 06, 2020

Tanzania July 2009 (redux)

2020-06-20T13:20:36-07:00June 20th, 2020|Wildlife Photographer, Wildlife Photography, Wildlife Photography Blog|

This 5th trip to Africa was a repeat of my first trip to Africa taken 23 years ago. I have learned a lot about traveling and photographing in Africa since then and put this experience to use.  All the work and attention to detail paid off because this trip was the best one so far. Everyone enjoyed themselves and felt the trip exceeded expectations, which was my primary goal. We tentatively plan on going back in February of 2011 to watch 30,000 wildebeests have their calves in a 2 week period of time. There is nothing more entertaining than watching

20 06, 2020

Photographer’s Africa

2020-06-20T08:49:04-07:00June 20th, 2020|Wildlife Photographer, Wildlife Photography, Wildlife Photography Blog|

In February of 2013 I took 10 people to Lake Ndutu in the southern Serengeti of Tanzania to photograph the wildlife, particularly the big cats. The Serengeti is a wildlife photographers dream, and will spoil you when you travel to other parts of the world to photograph wildlife. Click here to see my prior page on the Lake Ndutu area in 2011 to get more details why I go back to this specific area of the Serengeti. We are planning another trip there in 2015. I have lots of pictures and stories from prior Africa trips in the Wildlife Photography section of this web

19 06, 2020

Bolsa Chica Belted Kingfisher in flight

2020-06-20T08:42:41-07:00June 19th, 2020|Wildlife Photography Blog|

These guys are quick, and to freeze them in action while they are flying takes some good equipment and plenty of practice. Taking photos like this requires professional level equipment that not only focuses fast with powerful lenses but it can stand up to the rigors of the outdoors. I order all of my camera equipment and accessories from Allen's Camera. They have the best service, and do not push you into purchasing something that is not right for you. Many professional photographers purchase from them instead of the larger places like Adorama and B & H because the price is