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30 03, 2020

Bird X-Rays

2020-04-28T20:26:42-07:00March 30th, 2020|Avian|

It is not easy to take a radiograph on a bird that is ill and stressed. It is a team effort, and our staff excels at it.  As you can see from the Eurasian Eagle Owl above our veterinarians provide routine and emergency care for a wide variety of avian, exotic, and domestic animals. In many cases our vets take an x-ray on pet that is an emergency, and it can be a life-saving diagnostic tool. This budgie is in respiratory distress, and needs a radiograph to determine what the problem is. He is first placed in 100% oxygen in

30 03, 2020

Scaley Face Mites

2020-04-28T20:56:41-07:00March 30th, 2020|Avian|

Birds are occasionally infected with a mite called Knemidicoptes (if you want to make an effort at pronouncing this word the K is silent). We usually encounter this problem in parakeets (Budgies) at our hospital. This parasite causes extensive crusting and hair loss on the face and vent.  Fortunately, it is readily treatable. Birds with cases as severe as this are miserable He cannot even walk as evidenced by his overgrown nails Cause Scaley face disease is caused by a mite called Knemidicoptes that is spread from bird to bird by contact. Some birds acquire this parasite while young and

29 03, 2020

Proventricular Dilatation Syndrome (PDS)

2020-04-28T20:55:13-07:00March 29th, 2020|Avian|

Proventricular Dilatation Syndrome (PDS) , also known as Macaw Wasting Disease or Macaw Fading Syndrome (it was first seen in macaws), and Neuropathic Wasting Disease is a devastating disease of mostly young psittacines. This playful Macaw with a bell stuck on its tongue shows how interesting these birds are. Thankfully, we do not see many Macaws with PDS at LBAH anymore. Click here if you want to see how we removed the bell from this tongue.  It occurs in over 50 species of parrots. Common species are African Grey parrots, Amazons Macaws, and Cockatoos. It is suspected to also occur

29 03, 2020

Prolapsed Cloaca

2020-04-28T20:52:27-07:00March 29th, 2020|Avian|

Introduction Graphic photos on this page.  Trauma to the internal organs that are prolapsed through the cloaca (vent) opening can seriously affect the bird. It is seen in cockatoos and the smaller breed birds like budgies (parakeets or budgerigars) and cockatiels. It requires immediate replacement of the prolapsed organs. Birds with a cloacal prolapse can be quite ill, and even in shock. We consider it an emergency. They are handled gently at all stages A cloacal (vent) prolapse is an emergency requiring immediate veterinary care. The cloaca and become infected and even traumatized to the point that your bird can

28 03, 2020

Macaw Cataract Surgery

2020-04-28T20:48:38-07:00March 28th, 2020|Avian|

With the significant help of our favorite veterinary ophthalmologist, the late Dr. Paul Jackson, along with our favorite human ophthalmologist, Dr Art Giebel, we removed a cataract from a Macaw. Before we get on to this surgery, we would like to show you a picture of a beautiful wild Macaw that Dr. P took on a recent trip to Costa Rica. If you click on the photo you can see more about how he teaches wildlife photography around the world. This page has graphic surgical pictures. Pre-anesthetic Preparation The first step in the process is a thorough physical exam. This