Rockhopper Penguins of the Falkland Islands

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These are the athletes of the penguin world, braving the stormy ocean get to get a meal for their chicks, then literally hopping up cliffs that are up to 600 feet high to feed their chicks at a rookery. And they do this every day while the chicks are growing! The first time we saw them was at Sea Lion Island, high up a cliff, with cormorants as neighbors. Their rookery was high on this cliff, and they were feeding their chicks. One of them offered us a rock as it was walking past. How appropriate for a Rockhopper penguin! They were a raucous

Black browed Albatross of the Falkland Islands

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After a 30 minute walk from Georgina's digs we were surrounded by Black-browed albatross adults and chicks. They did not seem to be bothered by our presence, and went about their business right in front of us. At the start of our walk we passed some of the original buildings in the New Island settlement We felt like we were hiking in the English countryside The Black-browed albatross and the Rockhopper penguins had their rookeries at the same location at the cliffs. It is amazing to think that these penguins climb to this height every day to feed their chicks.  The albatross chicks

The Rogue Sea Lion of New Island

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This page has graphic photos of a sea lion hunting Gentoo penguins. It is nature at its rawest.  This dude is famous, and he has been seen in documentaries before like the BBC's Frozen Planet series. Learn about his behavior from Georgina as she talks about him at the beach where he does his hunting. It is quite a drive over some very bouncy terrain to get from Georgina's house to North End beach where the sea lion is hunting. He hunts in the afternoon, and if the weather cooperates, and the waves are the right height, he just might

Our Falkland Islands Photographic Team

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We brought plenty of camera equipment, and needed all the help we could get to lug it through airports, on to airplanes, and out in the field. It took 4 people to accomplish this. Here they are in action. At the end of this page there is a list of the equipment we used. Our Enthusiastic (and giggly) Film Crew in Action To be able to fit all of this equipment, along with our clothes, in the back of Georgina's land rover, we had to get a little cozy Georgina in her element, with a big smile on her face because

The Charles Barnhard Museum at New Island

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There is a quaint museum on New Island restored by Ian Strange, with the help of his daughter Georgina and other local people. It is a short walk from the settlement in New Island, and explains some of the history of the area in regards to whaling and conservation. It is well worth a visit next time you just happen to pass New Island while doing your daily errands! It is easy to find because a shipwreck is in the water near the museum. Notice the small cruise boat in the distance? Tourists from this boat coming to the island for a short