Mange (Guinea Pig)

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Mange in Guinea Pigs is caused by a parasite that is similar to the scabies parasite in people. It is seen more often in households that have several pigs. This disease occurs in other animals also, including dogs and cats. Cause Mange is caused by a parasite know as Sarcoptes. It is transmitted by direct contact, usually when a new pig that has the mite is introduced with pets already in your household. The mites that cause mange in guinea pigs does not affect humans. Symptoms Most Guinea Pigs that have Mange are itching and have patches of hair loss. Some

C-Section (Guinea Pig)

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Hi, my name is Leonardo (I'm the cute brown guy in the picture), and this is the story of how me and my brother Luigi came to be in the summer of 1997. If Luigi looks a little sleepy its because we are only 30 minutes old. Our Story My little mom was doing fine throughout most of her pregnancy, taking her daily 6 hour naps, watching Oprah, and eating plenty of pellets fortified with Vitamin C. She only had morning sickness for the first few days, of course when your gestation is only 62-75 days, a couple of days

Spay Ferret

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If female ferrets go into heat and do not mate or are not spayed, they can develop a severe, and even life threatening anemia. This is because estrogen can cause the bone marrow to stop producing red blood cells. If your female ferret develops an enlarged vulva it should be brought in for an exam immediately to determine if it is in heat or possible has an adrenal gland problem. This page contains graphic pictures of an actual surgical procedure performed at the hospital.  Physiology Female ferrets have a unique reproductive system. Most female mammals have a heat cycle the phase in and

Ferret Adrenal Disease

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Tumors of the adrenal gland in ferrets can cause excess secretion of sex hormones, thus affecting many organs in the body. Unfortunately, this is a relatively common problem in middle aged and older ferrets. Even though most of these tumors are not malignant, they can cause significant disease if left untreated. This disease goes by several names in addition to the one in the title of this page: ADG- adrenal gland disease AGN- adrenal gland neoplasia ACD- adrenal cortical disease AEE- adrenal associated endocrinopathy FADC- ferret adrenal disease complex FADC is probably the most accurate description, because as is the

Ferret Liver Cancer

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Ferret's are highly prone to several serious diseases. In addition to insulinomas and adrenal gland disease, they are also prone to cancer. This page shows a ferret that has a liver cancer. Graphic photos from surgery are on this page. Symptoms Some ferrets do not show any symptoms while others exhibit lethargy and weakness and a distended abdomen. There might be a decrease in appetite and weight loss. Symptoms alone are not enough to diagnose liver cancer. Diagnosis Like most diseases, the diagnosis of liver cancer is made based on history, examination findings, and diagnostic tests. In this specific case an exploratory surgery