Spay Service – Pot Bellied Pig

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Long Beach Animal Hospital offers pot bellied pig spay services for pig owners in Southern CA Spaying a pig has similarities to spaying dogs and cats, but not a lot! It is an interesting surgery because of the unique anatomy of the pot bellied pig. They have miles of intestines and a uterus that's very long because of the large number of piglets that are born at one time. Graphic surgery photos on this page. On the day of surgery we need your pet in the hospital between 7:30 AM and 9 AM. Please take away all food and water when you

Neuter- Pot Bellied Pig

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At the Long Beach Animal Hospital use of the laser is mandatory for all neuters, and the reason will be obvious when you read this page. Sometimes people get a jaded mindset when it comes to routine surgeries like neuters, that are performed by the thousands, especially at low cost spay and neuter clinics. It is a major surgery, and we treat it as such at the Long Beach Animal Hospital, which you will learn about in this page. One of the more interesting surgeries we perform is a pig neuter, know medically as an orchectomy. It has similarities to

Rabbit Spay

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A common surgery performed on female rabbits is a spay. The medical term is an ovariohysterectomy (removal of ovaries and uterus), abbreviated as an OVH. This page will show actual spay surgeries, on a rabbit with a fluid filled uterus, on a rabbit with uterine cancer, and on a normal rabbit. The following page contain graphic pictures of a rabbit spay. Diseased Uterus Rabbits get many uterine problems, all preventable if a rabbit is spayed early in life. The problems can be so serious as to be life threatening. Unfortunately, by the time a rabbit owner notices a problem, the

Rabbit Skin Conditions

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Rabbits are prone to skin infections that can be difficult to control. Their skin is very thin and prone to trauma. They harbor a bacteria called Pasteurella than can complicate any infection they pick up. This page shows the case of a rabbit named Roger that has a serious skin infection due to a maggot infestation. You won't have to look at any maggots, but you will see a serious skin infection in the pictures that follow-these pictures are not suitable for all age groups. Maggots are the larvae of flies that hatch when flies lay eggs on an open wound.

Rabbit Neuter

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Male rabbits are neutered for a variety of reasons. It helps minimize fighting behavior, makes it impossible to impregnate females, and prevents testicular cancer. At the Long Beach Animal Hospital use of the carbon dioxide laser is mandatory for all neuters.  Our rabbit patients appreciate the fact that after surgery there is negligible pain, swelling, and inflammation. This laser pain control, in addition to the pain injection we give before the rabbit wakes up, and the pain medication we send home, makes for a smooth and rapid recovery. The laser is calibrated specifically for each surgery and patient We have extensive experience using