Long Beach Animal Hospital Informational Articles

Rick-Masai Mara Trip October 2007



Another fellow veterinarian on the trip. His endless wit and sense of humor (even though he looks kinda funny he is much smarter than he looks) kept us entertained for hours. We even got him to eat his vegetables one night.


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Marsha and CH-Masai Mara Trip October 2007



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Cheryl-Masai Mara Trip October 2007




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Pat and Karen-Masai Mara Trip October 2007



Pat and Karen probably had more fun than anyone. Pat learned a lot about phtography.

We didn’t fall for his “I just got the camera 1 day before the trip” excuse



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Todd-Masai Mara Trip October 2007




Unable to resist a bargain (and get some Xmas shopping done)

Pretending like he knows how to use the 500 mm lens

This lens is more like his ability level

Stealing my photos for the photo contest

The photo contest winner. It was officially determined by the judges that his entry was a fraud and he has been banned from ever going on us with a trip again.

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