Pasteurella – Rabbit

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Pasteurella (snuffles) is a common cause of respiratory disease in rabbits. Most rabbits are exposed to it and harbor the organism that causes it. In can become a chronic problem that is difficult to control. This disease and GI stasis are some of the more common problems we encounter in rabbits. Please also read our GI Stasis page also for an understanding of this problem and for proper diet for a rabbit. This page contains graphic pictures of rabbits with severe infections- it might not be appropriate viewing for all ages. Cause The bacteria that causes this disease is called Pasteurella

Femur Fracture Surgery

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Rabbits have powerful muscles to their hind legs. If they get stuck or trapped in something, they can kick out and cause a bone to break. In many cases a splint or heavy bandage will suffice. After a thorough physical exam and stabilization, radiographs were obtained. Sometimes surgery is needed, as in this case of a rabbit with a transverse fracture of the femur (thigh bone). The arrow points to the fracture on this lateral view The fracture from a different view Graphic surgery photos on this page. Before surgery we carefully examine our rabbit patients to make sure they

Rabbit Skin Infection

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Rabbits are prone to skin infections that can be difficult to control. Their skin is very thin and prone to trauma. Rabbits harbor a bacteria called Pasteurella than can complicate any infection they pick up. This page shows the case of a rabbit named Roger that has a serious skin infection due to a maggot infestation. You won't have to look at any maggots, but you will see a serious skin infection in the pictures that follow-these pictures are not suitable for all age groups. Maggots are the larvae of flies that hatch when flies lay eggs on an open wound. In the

GI Stasis (hairballs) in Rabbits

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Gastrointestinal (GI) stasis  is a common cause of digestive disease in rabbits (lagomorphs). In most cases at our hospital the cause is a diet that is too low in fiber. You will sometimes read the term "ileus" when talking about this disease. Ileus occurs when the normal intestinal movement of food through the intestines, called peristalsis, stops. Normal digestion is dependent on normal peristalsis of the intestines. Peristalsis is the movement of ingesta down the stomach and intestines. When this stops GI stasis is the result. Sometimes a hairball (also called wool block) is considered a part of this disease. In

Kidney (Renal) Cancer

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It's not that often that we see a primary kidney cancer in a young pet. This page will show you how we diagnosed and treated it on a one year old Basenji. This story emphasizes how fast things change, and a pet that is perfectly healthy on a physical exam and blood panel, can change for the worse in a short period of time. If this owner had not brought this dog in for an exam this dog would have died. This is why Wellness Exams are recommended every year, and more often on senior pets. It also shows the