Tegu Oral Tumor

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Reptiles get cancerous tumors in numerous locations in their body. This page describes how we treated an oral tumor, called a squamous cell carcinoma, in a Tegu. Squamous cell carcinomas also occur in mammals, especially the ears of white cats that are exposed to the sun. We have a page describing this disease in a cat- click here to link to it. Click on any photo to enlarge it. Treatment This is the Tegu upon presentation to our office. This growth had been present for several weeks according to the owner. In reality, it was probably growing on the inside

Snake Impaction

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This page shows two snakes that are constipated. The first one required surgical removal of the impacted feces (fecalith).  The second died and was necropsied. The symptoms of an impacted snake are a lack of appetite along with lack of bowel movement for many weeks. This is a serious condition that could result in the death of the snake if not treated, which is exactly what happened to the second snake. Medical therapy, consisting of warm water baths, lubricants, and fluids have not helped at all. Surgery is a last resort in these cases because of the potential for post operative complications.

Iguana Infection

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It is common for Iguana's to be brought to us for infections. Often times they are minor and easily treated. Sometimes the infections are deep seated, and can result in death even in spite of  treatment. To prevent infections in Iguana's it is imperative that their husbandry is adequate. Cause Poor husbandry is at the root of many infections, therefore it is critical that proper humidity, temperature, and nutrition are optimum. Click here to learn more about adequate husbandry for iguana's. Iguana's can get infections from trauma, especially to their delicate digits. The can also get infections from bite wounds and

Reptile Feeding Tube

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We will routinely use feeding tubes in tortoises that are not eating well even though some reptiles can go many days without eating. The tube can be used to administer food, water, and medication for an extended period of time. Sometimes they are not eating due to a traumatic injury or internal illness. Other times they might be recovering from surgery, either a bladder stone removal, or a removal of their eggs. This section will show you how we put a feeding tube into a California Desert Tortoise (CDT). We put feeding tubes in other species besides reptiles. Click here to see

Iguana Spay

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Common green iguana's frequently have a problem laying their eggs. Most of these problems are the result of poor husbandry. If the problem cannot be rectified medically then the eggs are surgically removed because they can become toxic. Graphic Surgical Photos On This Page Cause As in almost all diseases we encounter there are many causes. In many cases it is environmental factors that are creating an inability for a female iguana to lay her eggs. Some of these causes are: Environmental temperature below 90 degrees F Humidity below 90% Lack of exposure to direct sunshine Housing that is too