Long Beach Animal Hospital Informational Articles

Rich-Masai Mara Trip October 2007

Rich learned a lot on this trip, especially about conspiracy theories, UFO’s and the like.

At the very end of this page you can see the new girlfriend he made on the trip.

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Michelle-Masai Mara Trip October 2007

Michelle died and went to heaven at least 20 times on this trip. You will see why when you look at the photos.

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Mark-Masai Mara Trip October 2007


This trip was a special birthday treat for Mark. He got some great photos. The best one was the fake spider in Rich’s bed!


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Janet-Masai Mara Trip October 2007


Janet is a great travel companion. She goes along with everything and is welcome to join us anytime.

Don’t be fooled though, if you make one teensy weeny fax paus [sic] she will make sure you know about it!


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Dean and Norma-Masai Mara Trip October 2007


Our honeymooners

Norma upon arrival in Ol Seki, wondering what she got herself into

Norma and her never ending smile. She brought lots of good Karma on the trip and is welcome to go with us again.

Dean showing Norma the goat he adopted and will be bringing home to their condo

Norma showing Dean the children she adopted and will be bringing home to their condo

Dean cannot resist a tortoise whenever he sees one- a true reptile lover!

Enjoying the special “honeymooner” treatment

They made an offer on this condo but were outbid by Rich

Too bad, Norma just loved it

They had to get up kinda early for honeymooners for this balloon ride

Lets see, Norma is on her honeymoon, has a big smile on her face, and she is watching lions mate….. wonder what she is thinking about!

A nice romantic dinner at Ol Seki

Getting some quality rhino time

Time to get on that horse and get close to those giraffe

Norma happy that Dean made her go to Africa on her honeymoon. She conveniently forgot to mention he also took her to Italy and England.

Planning that next trip. Lets see, maybe Botswana, Zambia…… I know- Madagascar!

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