Masai Mara 2007 – Masai people

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They came down from the Sudan in the 1400's and settled in this part of Kenya. Even though the men dress like warriors they tend to be more of a herding people. The Masai are colorful, warm, and friendly. They consider it an honor when you visit them in their villages, and are proud of their heritage. Their economic goal is to amass as many cattle as they can. They also make great subjects for photography. This is what the Masai people live for

Masai Mara 2007 Plains Animals

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A large number of mammals call the Mara their home. This page has a small sample of what you might see on a trip to the Mara. It includes wildebeests crossing the Mara river, hippos, rhinos, fighting zebra, beautiful giraffe, Topi young and adult, an actual birth of a Topi, and many graceful gazelle. The large expanse of the Mara give you a nice perspective Its this guy right here, called a wildebeest, that is the heart of the annual migration of plains animals in the Mara When the wildebeest come to the rivers edge you never know what will