Masa Mara 2007 Group 1

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The Ibble Dibbles This page has just a few of the numerous photos we took of our first group at Rekero camp. At the end of this page we have links to each of these individuals with more photos. Our day would start at 6 AM with moring wake up call and tea. We would be out in the field by 6:30 AM to watch the morning animal activity. By 9 AM it was time for a leisurely breakfast in the bush. We would be back for lunch, then after a nice siesta and 4 PM tea and cake, we

Masai Mara 2007 – How We Got The Shot

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This page gives you the technical details of how we took photos of a hunting cheetah trying to bring down a young Topi. We used Canon professional cameras with professional lenses to get these shots. If you are contemplating a trip anywhere in the world where you want to get high quality photos its nice to get access to this type of equipment. Most people cannot rationalize spending $4500 for a camera and $5000 for a lens, so try to make friends with someone that is willing to share with you. Now all you have to worry about is lugging

Lions at play

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Tanzania has more lions than any other country. They number around 20,000, although they were well over 100,000 in the recent past. Habitat destruction, persecution from herders, and poaching have been the biggest reason for their decline The lions in the Serengeti have been studied extensively for decades. This is a photo of the vehicle they use for their research. Pic of vehicle In addition to the lions we observed daily in the Serengeti we also encountered lions in the Selous The Selous lion cubs entertained us for hours

Masai Mara 2007 – Cheetah

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They are such regal looking animals, and since they are daytime hunters you get an opportunity to capture them in action. These are only a few of the thousands of cheetah photos we took. At the end of this page we have a sequence of cheetahs on an actual hunt as a mother teaches her yearlings how to hunt. This fat belly confirms a recent successful hunt Watching out for other predators that might take her kill as she is eating Scanning for any potential prey In the morning sun we got the poses we wanted They are always scanning, looking

Tom (the king)

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Tom is the orangutan that displaced Kusasi, the reigning king for many years. Kusasi has quite a story about how he overcame adversity and had the personality needed to be the dominant male. Rumor has it that Doyak is displacing Tom, which is the natural course of mature orangutan males. We did not expect to encounter Tom the way we did. We had seen other dominant males, notably Yani and Doyak, as we spent time at the feeding platforms and they appeared for a snack. Tom appeared when I was on my second klotok ride and looking at the building