Wild dogs of Tanzania

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Wild dogs are endangered with extinction in Tanzania (they number 2,000 in the whole country. They are usually found on the move, and as such can be difficult to photograph. We were lucky to catch them while they were resting. The next goal is to catch them while hunting. As was to be expected, we first came across them while their pack was on the move When they stopped running they did some bonding Lucky for us they settled down for a rest After an hour they were on the move again, this time to a waterhole for a drink That's


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One of the most important tools available to veterinarians to thoroughly and painlessly treat pets is the advent of modern day anesthetics. These anesthetic agents allow us to sedate and anesthetize a wide variety of animals with negligible chance of serious side effects. In addition to sedating them for surgery, these anesthetics enable smooth and pain-free recovery. The doctors at the Long Beach Animal and emergency hospital have been successfully anesthetizing a wide variety of exotic and domestic animals since 1989. If your pet requires anesthesia one of our veterinarians will make a custom plan tailored to your pet's specific

Vincent Palmeri- Extern Daily Diary  12/4/18

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Today was another great experience at LBAH.  I started my day going over very important cases with Dr. P, cases that are very common on a daily basis for veterinarians.  The case we discussed was about Lil man.  Lil man is a 10.5 year old neutered male Shitzu that came in because he was not eating, and unexplained urinary accidents at home.  His examination and lab diagnostics pointed towards a infection in the urinary system.  With a great assessment by the doctors and proper medical treatment, Frankie has been doing much better at home since he was discharged.  Urinary diseases

Neuter – Feline

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One of the most common surgical procedures we perform is a cat neuter, know medically as an orchectomy. It is performed for several reasons: It minimizes roaming It minimizes aggressive behavior It prevents male cats from impregnating females. It minimized urinating in the home (urine spraying). Male cats are territorial and prone to fighting, which leads to serious diseases, especially viral diseases like FeLV, FIP, and FIV. Neutering minimizes this fighting, helping also to cut down on these serious contagious diseases. At the Long Beach Animal Hospital we use the carbon dioxide laser for all of our cat neuters. There is almost no

Feline Spay

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One of the most common surgical procedures we perform at the Long Beach Animal Hospital in southern California is a cat spay, known medically as an ovariohysterectomy (removal of the ovaries and uterus). It is performed for several medical reasons: It prevents cats from going into heat. It prevents cats from getting pregnant. It significantly helps prevent cats from getting breast cancer later in life. It prevents cats from getting uterine infections later in life. We have pictures at the end of this page of complications like cystic ovaries and an infected uterus that can occur in unspayed female cats.