Rat Mammary Tumor

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Rats are prone to tumors, commonly in the mammary glands and in the uterus. These tumors can be benign or malignant. Removing them as soon as they are noted makes for a much better prognosis. This page has photos of an actual surgery to remove a mammary tumor. It was performed using the laser.  Graphic photos to follow. Appearance In addition to the usual underside location of mammary tissue found in most mammals, rats have mammary tissue under the skin along the top and the sides of their bodies. If this extensive network of mammary tissue develops a tumor, the lump

X-Ray Close Ups

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These are closeup view of the 2 previous radiographs. When you are done looking at them go back to the "What's Your Diagnosis Page" to continue learning about radiography. This view is towards the front of the abdomen L- Liver S- Stomach (filled with food) K- Kidneys (they are overlapping) LI- Large intestine (filled with stool) SI- Small Intestine Sp- Spleen This view is towards the rear of the abdomen. K- Kidneys (they are overlapping) LI- Large intestine (filled with stool) SI- Small Intestine Sp- Spleen B- Urinary Bladder (filled partly with urine)

Household Poisons

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  Many common pet poisons are in our homes and yards. Some of the more common ones to watch for are:   Methylxanthines- chocolate and caffeine Ethylene glycol- antifreeze Indoor plants Metaldehyde- snail bait poison Household cleaners- bleach and lye Silica gel packs Acetaminophen- tylenol Xylitol- sugar free sweetener in chewing gum Rat poison Fertilizers Insect bait stations Walnuts Alcohol Strychnine Insecticides NSAID's- Ibuprophen Helpful Tips: Keep medications off night table Plastic weekly pill holders look and sound like dog rattle chew toys Keep purses with medication high and out of reach Store pet medications apart from human medications Do

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