Lions of the Southern Serengeti

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Lions tend to be evening hunters, although our guides told us several prides in this area hunt in the daytime frequently. Even though I love the cheetahs, nothing is more intense than a lion that is in the act of hunting. You will encounter playful lion cubs on this page. Those babies had to come from somewhere.... When they are relaxed and their bellies are full they lay around and groom each other We came across this lioness one morning feasting on a cape buffalo killed the night before. If you click on her picture you will see a few seconds

Logistics of Going to Mongolia

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Wildlife documentaries are unscripted, and take hundreds of  hours filming to produce a 2 hour movie.  Golden eagles don't tend to know their lines all that well, so patience is the most important piece of equipment to pack into your bags. Before we left we worked on a script for the documentary in order to give us an idea of the video we needed. Dr. Kennedy has trained in this area at UCLA's film school, and with the help of a professional editor, we had a framework on what we needed to film By the time we came back from the February 2016