Cape Town and the Great White Sharks (almost)

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Our shark dive was cancelled due to rough sea conditions, so we did the next best thing, and went to the beach and learned about sharks. It was a nice beach with lots of surfers, just like in California! After the surfers we saw the African penguins There is lots of educational material to learn about their behavior There are many more than this, I am showing only one section They still have public phone booths in Cape Town We had a great lunch looking out over the ocean Dominic was hungry that day The animal hospitals in Cape Town are all about dog

Birds of the Okavango Delta

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Pelican, yellow-billed stork and spoonbill Spoon bill Darter drying its wings Darter eating a fish breakfast (headfirst) Wattled crane adults Wattled crane chicks Egret Owl Jacana Ibis Carmine bee-eaters Heron Little Bee-eater Malachite kingfisher Immature malachite kingfisher catching a fish The results of trying to photograph this fast-diving bird coming out of the water Pied kingfisher hovering over a fish before diving after it Pied kingfisher coming out of the water after attempting to snag a fish. As you can see, they are quick and hard to photograph when doing this. This small flock of Ground Hornbill were looking for lunch. Today

Namibia- Where Desert and Ocean Meet

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After my Botswana trip I met up with a different assistant photographer and went to Namibia. My overall observations of Namibia are very positive; great guide, friendly people, interesting desert, and great wildlife viewing. If you like landscape photography, in addition to great wildlife viewing and photography, Namibia is for you. Namibia is a desert country, with beautiful sand dunes that go right up to the ocean. There is more to Namibia than desert, but the desert is unique, and is what I will emphasize on this page. The people that work in the tourism industry want you to have a nice time, and

Welcome to the Falkland Islands

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Dr. P took Dr. K and two assistant photographers to tour the Falkland Islands (they should be renamed the Breezy Islands) on a three-week personal tour in January of 2018. Our tour guide was Georgina Strange, a Falklands native. She was trained by her father Ian, the man who wrote the book (actually ten books) on the Falkland Islands 40 years ago. She knows her stuff, and was our personal tour guide par excellence! We encountered warm and competent Falklanders that took us around and gave us front row seats to all of the wildlife that you will meet on this page.

King Penguins of the Falkland Islands

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King penguins are the largest penguins after the Emperor. Even though you can find an occasional one on different small islands within the Falkland Islands, most of them congregate at Volunteer Point. Derek and Trudy Patterson run the show here, and we stayed in their house with them. They are a wealth of knowledge regarding the area, and gave us free roam of the areas where the penguins congregated. Make sure you do not miss the video at the end of the Magellanic Penguin stalking Dr. P. It is a 4 hour off-road drive to get to Volunteer Point from