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29 04, 2020

Symptoms of Diseases

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It is sometimes difficult to determine if your pet is ill, especially since many pets have subtle signs of illness that they easily hide from owners. Here are 7 basic areas you should observe on a daily basis to help determine if your pet needs an exam by one of our doctors. If you have any doubt that your pet is ill you should not hesitate to seek veterinary care since animals like our domestic pets, and especially birds, are masters at hiding serious illness. The Long Beach Animal Hospital staffed with emergency vets is available until the evenings 7 days

29 04, 2020


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Diagnostic tests are important in veterinary medicine since our patients do not routinely tell us where they are having a medical problem. An important diagnostic modality we use to make an accurate diagnosis on a sick animal is radiography, more commonly known as x-rays. This is a fun and educational page designed to educate you on the basics of radiology. There is a fun test at the end to see how much you learned.  If you got them all right maybe you should apply to veterinary school! Learning how to accurately read a radiograph on the wide variety of species

27 04, 2020

Spay Service – Pot Bellied Pig

2020-04-28T21:38:17-07:00April 27th, 2020|Pot Bellied Pigs|

Long Beach Animal Hospital offers pot bellied pig spay services for pig owners in Southern CA Spaying a pig has similarities to spaying dogs and cats, but not a lot! It is an interesting surgery because of the unique anatomy of the pot bellied pig. They have miles of intestines and a uterus that's very long because of the large number of piglets that are born at one time. Graphic surgery photos on this page. On the day of surgery we need your pet in the hospital between 7:30 AM and 9 AM. Please take away all food and water when you

27 04, 2020

Neuter- Pot Bellied Pig

2020-04-28T21:36:37-07:00April 27th, 2020|Pot Bellied Pigs|

At the Long Beach Animal Hospital use of the laser is mandatory for all neuters, and the reason will be obvious when you read this page. Sometimes people get a jaded mindset when it comes to routine surgeries like neuters, that are performed by the thousands, especially at low cost spay and neuter clinics. It is a major surgery, and we treat it as such at the Long Beach Animal Hospital, which you will learn about in this page. One of the more interesting surgeries we perform is a pig neuter, know medically as an orchectomy. It has similarities to

25 04, 2020

Home Care of the Surgical Patient

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When you pick up your pet after surgery you will be given a chance to talk with our staff, and you will be given post operative instructions specifically for your pet and the surgery performed. These are the instructions to follow. The information on this page is good general information on other things to do at home, as long as they don't contradict your post operative instructions. When your pet first returns home from surgery let it have a calm and quiet spot away from other pets and children. Put it in a warm area without any drafts, and make

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