Lots of action at Bolsa Chica Wetlands recently. We watched an osprey return with its catch, only to be bothered by a crow for a period of time. Eventually the crowed realized the osprey was not dropping the fish, and after squawking for his buddies to show up to no avail, the crow left.

Osprey flying with fish

Flying in, with the fish held head-first

Osprey with fish landing on branch

The branch he landed on was one he was accustomed to

Osprey landing with fish

The foot with the fish was locked in place and he had to land with the other foot

Osprey with fish in talon

It was difficult to balance the still thrashing fish on the branch

Osprey eating fish

Once he was stable he started in peace, high above the ground

Osprey holding fish

Ever vigilant, he noticed something approach him from the land side

Crow harassing osprey

It was a crow harassing him in an attempt to get him to drop the fish

Osprey squawking at crow

The crow made multiple passes, always flying behind the osprey

Osprey squawking at crow

With one final screech the crow left and the osprey went back to eating

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