Today was another great experience at LBAH.  I started my day going over very important cases with Dr. P, cases that are very common on a daily basis for veterinarians.  The case we discussed was about Lil man.  Lil man is a 10.5 year old neutered male Shitzu that came in because he was not eating, and unexplained urinary accidents at home.  His examination and lab diagnostics pointed towards a infection in the urinary system.  With a great assessment by the doctors and proper medical treatment, Frankie has been doing much better at home since he was discharged.  Urinary diseases are very important in all animals, regardless of the species.  More information about urinary diseases can be found on our website at feline-urinary-tract-disease

Another hospital favorite that I assisted with today was Coco.  Coco is a beautiful shitzu that visited us for a recheck on persistent allergies blood work.  Coco’s mom is amazing, and she does everything she can to ensure that Coco always has the best care.  This includes routine checkups with our practice as well as local veterinary dentists, veterinary dermatologists, and veterinary ophthalmologists.   Today Coco’s visit was well received with a great bill of health and we look forward to continue on keeping her happy and healthy.

Another great patient I was saw today was a bird named Sugar.  Sugar was brought in on emergency because he was flying around at home and accidentally flew into a window.  Trauma such as that Sugar was involved in are very serious.  Our biggest fear is not only incidences of concussion but in most cases these type of incidences can be fatal for birds.  Pets can be very stoic when injured, and not show obvious signs of pain or disease until it is too late.  It is very important for a pet that goes through a traumatic event to be assessed by a veterinarian immediately. Our website goes over important information regarding pet assessment and care along with species specific diseases in the learning center and disease section:  learning-series