Hi, my name is Leonardo (I’m the cute brown guy in the picture), and this is the story of how me and my brother Luigi came to be in the summer of 1997. If Luigi looks a little sleepy its because we are only 30 minutes old.

C Section Guinea Pig

Our Story

My little mom was doing fine throughout most of her pregnancy, taking her daily 6 hour naps, watching Oprah, and eating plenty of pellets fortified with Vitamin C. She only had morning sickness for the first few days, of course when your gestation is only 62-75 days, a couple of days of morning sickness is significant.

When the magic moment came little mom was just too pooped out from all the excitement, so big Mom took us to see Dr. Ridgeway at the Long Beach Animal Hospital. He knew exactly what was going on and started making little mom feel better (which made big Mom feel better also).

Once little mom was resting comfortably and watching Oprah again, Dr. Ridgeway came in and told big Mom we would have to perform a C-Section because little mom did not have the energy to finish the job. I have to finish the story later because I am getting sleepy from the anesthesia they are giving little mom……

Show and Tell

Once Dr. R and big Mom decided little mom needed a C-Section, Dr. Palazzolo anesthetized little mom. I don’t remember exactly what he said next because I was getting groggy, but it was something to the effect “my god, she is so big she barely fits into the anesthetic mask”.


The following area contains graphic pictures of an actual surgical procedure performed at the hospital. It may not be suitable for some children (and some adults also!).

As soon as little mom was anesthetized Dr. P went to work. He made an incision in little moms bulging (she went from a size 5 to a 16!) tummy while me and Luigi were fast asleep. He rapidly cut through little moms tummy muscles and exposed the uterus because me and Luigi might not do to well if we stayed under anesthesia too long.

guinea pig csection

That’s me and Luigi still in little mom’s uterus. Dr. P made a quick incision in the uterus and next thing I know I am rudely awakened from my sleep and getting my bottom slapped-what an indignity!

guinea pig uterus

Dr. P made sure little mom was put back together real well, with as rough as me and Luigi play with her, that’s real important. Here is he sewing her muscle layers back together.

guinea pig c-section

Here is little mom’s bikini scar when the surgery is complete. Me and Luigi had dibs over which of little mom’s nipples we would get.

Guinea Pig C Section

Our first piggy back ride! Now if only Luigi would turn around I could see where we are going

gpig csection