Our hospital provides a wide array of medical services on many different species. One minute we are caring for a parakeet, the next minute it’s a 200 pound Great Dane. It’s all in a typical day’s work for us.

We are the doctor’s office, hospital, emergency room, surgery center, pharmacy, and boarding facility, all rolled into one. That is a lot going on in one location, and if you were to walk back into the treatment area of the hospital you would see a hub of activity, with the caretakers, technicians, and doctors working on pets.

Nurse treating dog arthritis

If you walk in back you might see a pet being treated for arthritis with a very effective and safe treatment modality called  VNA

Outpatient Exams

Our doctors do not have a specified time limit during your office call, and will give you the time you need to answer all of your questions and explain exam findings during your office call.

Nurse talking with client in exam room

We love the one on one interaction and learning about your relationship with your pet

If we run routine diagnostic tests like a blood panel, and send it out to our reference lab,  you will be called when it comes in, usually within 24 hours. Special tests like vaccine titers take longer. If we run in-house blood panels the results are available within 30 minutes in most cases. These tend to be used more for emergencies and when an immediate answer is needed.

Nurse working on blood analyzer

We have a special blood analyzer machine when we need results within 30 minutes

When your office call has been completed, and all diagnostic tests like blood panels and radiographs are interpreted and discussed with you, our doctor might send you a report card or a Discharge Sheet summarizing exam, diagnostic, and treatment findings. You are always welcome to make a no charge consultation appointment with one of our doctors to review lab findings (its fun to look at an x-ray and see a blood report) and set up a plan personalized treatment plan for your pet.

Our doctors have access to internal medicine specialists in every field to consult with on the more difficult cases. We do this on a routine basis to make sure you have the latest information on diagnostics and treatment. We also will send your pet to a specialist for more advanced care when needed. We have had rapport with these specialists for decades, and work well as a team with them.

Our doctors are U.S.D.A. accredited, and can sign health certificates for national and international travel. If traveling internationally please start the process way in advance by contacting the country of origin and getting the necessary paperwork. Some states and countries do not have certain diseases, so their preventive measures are comprehensive and must be followed exactly. If not, your pet is quarantined for a long period, or it is not allowed in their state or country. They make no exceptions, and every T needs to be crossed and every i needs to be dotted.

We also love to nurture the next generation of technicians and veterinarians. If your child has an interest in this career, one of our doctors will talk to them during the office call and guide them in the right direction.

8 year old examining a cat

One of our junior veterinarians learning how to use a stethoscope on her cat

For further information, the Diseases Section of our web site has detailed information on the most common problems we encounter in pets.

Outpatient Treatment

We can give a wide variety of species a full complement of vaccines, wormings, injections, oral medications, routine treatments like nail trims, and flea products during an office call. We can also treat many chronic diseases on an outpatient basis. A good example is Addison’s Disease (hypoadrenocorticism) that can be treated with an outpatient injection every 25 days.

If your pet is on oral medication, or needs subcutaneous (SQ) fluids under the skin, we can help you if you are having trouble at home. Make an appointment with one of our technicians, bring your medication or fluids, and we will do it for you.

Hospital Care

We are open 7 days until 10 PM. That means there is a doctor on staff in the evening, even on the weekends, to take care of your pet’s medical problems. We also have a technician that lives in our building who can check and treat any ill pet through the night. If you don’t mind being called in the middle of the night she will call you with an update on your ill pet.  Please let us know.

Sick dog in oxygen cage

If your pet needs special intensive care like oxygen we have it available

Our nurses are experts at caring for sick pets that need intravenous fluids, medications, and good “old fashioned” TLC and nursing care. If your pet is hospitalized you are welcome to visit any time there is a doctor in the hospital and the nursing staff is not busy with an emergency. You are part of our “pet health team”, and the more you work with us the better your pet’s outcome in most cases.

Nurse giving IV fluids

This dog is getting an intravenous (IV) catheter

Diagnostic Equipment

We have the latest equipment, and it lets us run the following diagnostic tests, either in house or to our reference lab:

Full blood panels
Parasite checks
Hormone tests
Special tests like rabies vaccine titers
HistopathologyReport from pathologist

This is what a histopathology report looks like. This dog has a malignant cancer called a Mast Cell Tumor (MCT).

Our X-ray machine is the latest digital technology available. This allows us to expose your pet to minimal radiation, yet give us tremendous detail, especially on the small pets. We also have a dental X-ray machine.

Teeth X-ray Picture

Our digital dental x-ray finds problems under the gum line

X-Ray of a falcon

This is a hawk brought into our Wildlife Program with a wing problem

We have the latest portable ultrasound from General Electric. We use this in conjunction with our radiologist who comes to our hospital and performs our ultrasounds on most of our cases.

Appearance of an ulcer during ultrasound

This dog has a stomach ulcer

Ultrasound Report

Our radiologist sends us a detailed report on the ultrasound findings


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