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The Long Beach Animal Hospital is open 7 days per week until midnight. We are available to provide emergency care for your pet any time one of our doctors is present.  Always call us first, because this will allow us to be better prepared for your arrival. After midnight we have a recording on our phone at 562-434-9966 to tell you where to take your pet if you have an emergency.

Some things to watch for that might indicate an emergency situation:

Difficulty breathing

Unresponsive to you

Neurologic signs like seizures or circling

Crying in extreme pain

A cut or wound that does not stop bleeding

Your pet has fallen a substantial height or has been hit by a vehicle

Seeing your pet eat an known toxin like chocolate, antifreeze, rat poison or lillies (in cats)

If your pet has eaten your prescription medication

Emergencies take precedence over regular appointments,  and we will stop whatever we are doing to assist your pet. Always call us before coming in to make sure we have a doctor available and help us prepare for your arrival. We might give you suggestions on something you should do at home before you bring your pet to us.

You should have a first aid kit available at all times.

Always have the Animal Poison Control phone number available.

For a list of common poisons follow this link on our web site.

After our doctor examines your pet we have the ability to perform an immediate blood panel and x-rays.

Emergency care for pets and exotic pets includes available blood panels providing a complete blood workup in just 30 minutes.

We have a blood machine that will give us a detailed report in 30 minutes

If an animal needs an x-ray as part of its emergency care, onsite x-rays are available for your pet or exotic pet.

We have digital radiography to also give us an immediate result

You can see the detail available with digital radiography from this labeled radiograph. Click here if you would like to learn how to read a radiograph.

We are able to obtain a rapid assessment of important physiologic parameters with our special equipment

Once we determine the problem and treatment we can provide a wide array of medical or surgical services.

One of the first and most important things we do is warm up pets that are hypothermic. We have a special unit that keeps towels and fluids warm at all times. 

It is always filled with towels and ready to go at all times

Supplemental warmth with towels and fluids is crucial for hypothermic pets like this cat

In addition to warming up a hypothermic pet, IV (intravenous fluids) are important to treat for shock and help support important internal organs. You can learn much more about fluids by clicking here.

Once a pet is stabilized we can address other problems. This rabbit is getting a splint put on its leg due to a fracture. Click here to learn more. 

Sometimes we need to go right into surgery to correct a major problem. Sterile surgery packs are always available for immediate use.

Some of those emergency surgeries lead to wonderful results just like these pups when we perform a C-section

We can also hospitalize your pet if needed and have a technician that lives in our building treat your pet through the night.

In addition to these examples we can provide a wide array of other medical and surgical services.

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