Dr. Meredith Kennedy, a Michigan State University graduate, has a lifelong passion for animals, people and travel. Her senior externship while in vet school was working with the state veterinarian in Zimbabwe, where she collected samples at ostrich ranches and crocodile ranches, and went out into the field on a Foot-and-Mouth Disease project.

She has also worked with Meserani Snake Park in Tanzania, and collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund in a conservation project for Changuu Island’s Aldabra Giant Tortoises off the coast of Zanzibar. She worked and taught wildlife biology and coastal ecology in Africa for ten years, and has also taught a course in Conservation and Biodiversity in New Zealand.

Dr. Kennedy has worked as a relief veterinarian for twenty years, including two months on the island of Saipan in the South Pacific, but is now happy to be full-time at Long Beach Animal Hospital, where she really enjoys companion animal medicine and surgery and exotic animal care.