I have been taking my cats/pets to Long Beach Animal Hospital for over 25 years and I couldn’t ask to find better Dr’s anywhere. Everyone at the Long Beach Animal Hospital from the Dr’s to the techs, receptionists, staff and all are exceptional. You can pull up in an emergency as I have and trust that your pet will always get expert loving care.

Through the years my cats have often seen Dr. Palazzolo. One day I brought my sickly kitten Prince in for an appointment and after spending a great deal of time listening to me describe Prince’s symptoms, Dr. Palazzolo did a lengthy exam, ordered blood work and other tests and his diagnosis was that Prince had a very rare liver shunt which can often be fatal. Prince ended up having the specialized surgery he needed to save his life.

I am very thankful that through the years Dr. Palazzolo and the other vets have provided great veterinary care for my cats and California Desert tortoises too.