Our animal health technicians(AHT’s) perform one of the most important jobs at our hospital. Without their help we would not be able to provide such a high quality of medical care. They work as a team, and are very flexible in helping each other. Lets take a look at what happens during a typical (and busy) day……

They start their day early, with at least one of them arriving at work at 6:30 AM. They assess all of the hospitalized pets and given them whatever treatment is needed. This treatment board is their control panel. It allows them to stay organized, current, and to verify that treatments have been completed.

Morning treatments make up a big part of the early morning duties of our staff. Denise is giving fluids to one of our sick patients. He is dehydrated and weak, so the fluids are a large part of his therapy.

By 8 AM one of the AHT’s breaks off from treating sick pets and assists the doctors in morning rounds. She gives insight into the pets’ conditions, makes notes in the records, and carries out specific instructions. By listening to the doctors discuss the cases the nurses can help update clients on their pet’s condition. They also update the pet’s record in the computer, allowing our receptionists to have access to current information.

Simultaneously to the above duties, one of our AHT’s is preparing for today’s surgery. Here is Shannon helping Denise by preparing the medication and paperwork for one of the day’s scheduled surgeries. When she is ready she summons the surgeon who examines the pet and gives any instructions. She is now ready to give a pre anesthetic tranquilizer and set up for surgery.

By 9 AM our first scheduled appointments of the day are arriving. Shannon has already reviewed this owner’s record, and stands by to greet her when she arrives.

Shannon will ask some background questions regarding this pets condition. This history is a very important part of the diagnostic process for our doctors. Our patients can’t talk to us, so we rely upon this information in arriving at a diagnosis.

After she has completed the background questions Shannon performs a preliminary exam. This alerts our doctors to any problems and allows them to thoroughly investigate a pets condition.

When Shannon is finished she alerts the doctor and goes on to the next client. After this client is checked in she reviews the record of the first client to carry out any instructions from the doctor.

Meanwhile, back in surgery, Denise is monitoring one of Dr. Ridgeway’s surgeries. This one happens to be a hernia repair on a Pit Bull named Rufus

While Denise is closely monitoring a surgical patient Shannon is helping her by making a post operative phone call on a prior surgery, letting the owner know their pet is waking up fine from anesthesia.

Our AHT’s also perform treatments on an outpatient basis along with diagnostic tests in the hospital. Here is Terri taking a radiograph on Peanuts the rabbit.

Their day does not end until all medical records are reviewed and prepared for any evening treatments or next morning treatments.