This is a congenital problem that rarely causes any significant problem with the quality of the pet’s health. Some of these pets may have difficulty chewing their food (mastication), but most adapt to it well. Pets with undershot jaws may be predisposed to early dental disease though, therefore any pet with this abnormality should be examined by one of our doctors every 6 months.

This jaw is from a Lhasa apso. It is a young pet with healthy gums and teeth in spite of the anatomical abnormality. Routine exams will identify any dental disease before it becomes a significant problem.


This is the severely undershot jaw of a Persian cat. In addition to the this anatomical problem there is dental disease present, as evidenced by the tartar on the canine tooth and the side teeth. This cat will need routine exams every 6 months to assess the progression of the problem and institute necessary therapy.