Cheetahs tend to be daytime hunters, and with their beautiful markings and haircoats make good photographic subjects. In February of every year they take advantage of the easy pickings of very young Thompson and Grant’s gazelle, along with wildebeest calves and zebra foals. This is an ideal time to teach young cheetah how to hunt.

The end of this page has graphic photos of a cheetah eating a baby gazelle that are not suitable to all viewers

They scan for prey constantly and never seem to notice us

These youngsters came down to Lake Ndutu for an early morning drink of the soda water

Their mother walked right past us

And sat on a small hill to scan for breakfast

These two cheetah were having a little disagreement

They were easily distracted by zebra and chased them to see if there was any easy pickings

A cheetah walking through the plains looking for young gazelle hidden in the grass. Click
on the photo below and watch a video of her scanning for a few seconds.

Cheetah Searching Grass

The Thomson’s gazelle are highly alerted to her presence

Her eyesight is keen and she zeroes in on a 1 day old gazelle

By the time we catch up she has her meal

She started feeding at the back first and moved towards the front

This gazelle is young and tender, so she eats the whole carcass, including the head

She periodically took a break from eating to look for lion and hyena that might take her

Click on the picture below to watch her eating for 40 seconds

Cheetah Eating Gazelle