These aerial acrobats make their living by stealing food from other birds, often times Boobies and Tropical birds. They have a vivid courtship display which you will see on this page.

Our first encounter with this winged wonder started as soon as we left port.
Our guides assured us we would be getting much closer and more personal during the visit to some islands.

They are aerial acrobats and have amazing flying abilities

They steal food from their other birds by harassing them so much with their tremendous flying ability that the other bird
drops its mouthful of fish to stop the harassment.

This frigate in the top right of the photo is taking a branch from the mouth of a blue-footed Booby in the lower left

The Booby is now on the right with the branch in its mouth

The victorious frigate

They exist in large breeding colonies on some islands.  As you approach they will soar all around.

Many will glide just a few feet above your head. This is a female.

The male with throat sac partially deflated

As you hike around the colony you start getting close to them. This female is resting.

The courtship process is fascintating to observe. These 3 males are trying to impress a lone female.

A male without an inflated throat pouch

A couple of puffs of air and the transformation is apparent on this different frigate

Another example of a prime male specimen!

Another male put on quite a display in his attempt to attract a female

Unfortunately for him he attracted another male intent on taking his perching spot

A few choice words and the intruder left

His charms worked because a female soon landed

And the courtship began

The look of love

Soon after the coursthip the stork drops off a fluffy package

And now the work begins keeping this chick’s stomach full.