We stayed at a hotel that was right on the beach

It was a good spot for us surfer dudes to practice our technique

The hotel had a beautiful garden setting

The fisherman took their boats out daily

You could walk along the beach and watch the locals doing their “local” thing

Large flocks of pelicans would congregate over the beach. Scarlet Macaws squawked by almost daily.

The jungle was just outside our door

This dragonfly was one of the multitudes of insects we encountered on our hikes in the jungle

Leaf cutter ants were numerous…..

….along with spiders

We passed this sign as we drove to Manuel Antonio National Park so  I had to take it

This park is right on the water and abounds with monkeys and reptiles

Our first sighting was a sloth and its infant

When the monkeys were not trying to steal your food they actually sat still for a photo op

A red eyed frog

Basilisk lizard

We saw lots of spiny iguanas

After Manuel Antonion we went to Carrara Reserve.
We timed it right with the Macaws when they came in to eat the palm tree nuts

It was like a mini Africa trip with crocodiles…

…and strange looking birds called boat-billed herons

Green Kingfisher scanning the water for fish

Ahinga drying its feather


Amazon Kingfisher with its dinner

Dappled leaves in a slow moving stream

After a week of relaxation it was time to pack up for Antarctica

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