Once we got through customs and brought our bags to the hotel, our African adventure started by going on a sundowner cruise on the Zambezi river. It was a great way to start the trip.


On the cruise we had our first encounter with guides from Zimbabwe. They were fantastic in their warmth, knowledge, and professionalism. 


I kept an extra hand on my camera when this guide asked if he could take a photo. Didn’t feel like losing my camera in the river so early on my trip!

Zambezi Cruise

There is wildlife all along the banks of the Zambezi


It was a good start to our trip, and was an inkling of what was to come



The hippos put on a show with their territorial displays of fighting


Hippos are dangerous, and will attack a canoe and capsize it. This one thought about it, but then realized our boat was a little bigger than a canoe.

The next day we went to the Zambian side of Victoria Falls to swim at Devil’s Pool at the end of the falls. During certain times of the year, when the water level is lower, you can swim to the very edge of the waterfalls with a guide.


On the walk to Devi’s Pool you go past the gorge of the Zambezi. Zimbabwe is on the right, Zambia is on the left, separated by the Zambezi river below. 


This is my view from the picture above. It is Victoria Falls, with some people at Devil’s Pool at the top right of the picture, which is our next destination after a short hike and swim. 


A closer view of the water raging over the falls

If you are looking for something fun and adventurous to do in Africa, try hanging over the edge at Devils Pool at the Victoria Falls on the Zambian side of the falls.

The trip starts off with a briefing by the guide on your short boat ride to the pool


This is the sign you see upon arrival at Livingstone Island, where the Devil’s pool is


A little liquid courage to help keep you going

The people at the top right are at the Devil’s Pool


The view from the rocks along the trail to the pool


As you get near this is one of the views you see


The rapids alongside the pool


Another guide, who was not too good at focusing, used my camera to obtain the following shots and video


Last chance to change your mind


The final view of the pool before you enter

Our last minute instructions


The guide dives in first


He mentioned earlier not to worry about the little fish that nibble on your toes


He sits on the edge and gets ready for one of us to show up. CP gets volunteered to go first. 

We weren’t allowed to jump in


Ready for the rest of the group to join me


Group shot time


We had the chance to hang right up to the edge


Out guide getting some shots over the edge


One of the photos he took

Our last video before we had to leave


Before we left they gave us a gourmet breakfast

After the morning dip in the pool we took a tour of Victoria Falls (Vic Falls) from the Zimbabwe side. There is a national park that gives you tremendous insight into these falls, one of the seven wonders of the natural world.



Victoria Falls was named for Queen Victoria by David Livingstone (from the “Doctor Livingstone I presume” fame)


The view of just one part of the falls from the Zimbabwen side. Pictures can never do justice to the real thing, and I would need to make this photo as large as a wall to give you an idea of the immensity of Victoria Falls. 


This is the same view, taken 22 years earlier, when I went to Zimbabwe on my black rhino trip. I think I did a pretty good job getting a similar view. 

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