Spring is the time to find a bald eagle nest and get some photos of the parents feeding the chicks. This nest was 70 feet in the air, and all of the photos were taken either from a kayak or in the marsh below the nest. You sometimes need to find an innovative way to get those shots!

As you can see from the photos, one chick is much larger than the other two. As the summer goes on I will update the growth of the chicks and see which ones survive as they fledge .

Female Eagle waiting for male to bring fish

The female eagle waiting for room service to deliver breakfast

Male eagle with lake trout in talons

The male eagle returning with a lake trout for delivery to the hungry chicks

Male Eagle Delivering Fish to Nest

The male dropping off his trout at the nest for the female to feed the chicks

Male Eagle Flying Past Nest

With three chicks to feed the male goes back for more lake trout

Female Eagle with Chicks

Female eagle with two chicks, one of them is testing its wings

Female eagle with larger chick

The third chick is much larger, and we will see as the summer goes on if the other two survive