They look so cute and adorable, especially when they are cuddling in the water. Don’t be fooled by their “three stooges” look, they are quite dangerous as most people know. They are responsible for more human fatalities in Africa than any other larger mammal.

You don’t want to get between them and their escape route, a bull’s territory, or females with their young. From the stories I heard from guides and other guests, the biggest danger is when you are canoeing in the water and don’t see them, when all of a sudden one emerges near or under your canoe. The hippo panics and attacks the canoe, usually tipping it over, and possibly biting the occupants.


They are rarely alone, unless it is a male that has been pushed out of the group by the dominant bull


Threat displays are common


Fighting amongst the males is common



They have a smirk on their faces, and sometimes remind me of the three stooges


Their skin is sensitive and will burn if they are out of the water for too long


Do you see the five birds in this photo?


The five birds are still present


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