We had a couple of “southerners” with us. We thoroughly enjoyed their company, sense of humor and drawls, although we had to keep on reminding them who won the war.

Carole showing off her shooting style in the early morning sun with the
Canon 70-20mm lens and the Mark II N camera

John’s shooting style with the Canon 500 mm lens and the 5D camera

Looks like John lost the drinking game last night

While John was sick to his stomach from the night before Carole was enjoying her breakfast in the Mara

A good nights sleep and John is good to go until the next night’s drinking game

Keeping an eye out for anything that moves

Her hard work paid off with these two young lion brothers

We had plenty of time to watch their behavior and set up for our shots

The first brother walked to a waterhole just to our right

And the second followed right behind

Our guide know these lions were going for a drink, so he has us lined up for our shot before they got there.

This gave Dr. P time to set up the camera for John to get a nice shot of them drinking

And here it is

After their drink they walked right past us and John set up for another nice shot

They walked so close they could easily jump into the vehicle. No worries though because Carole is keeping a wary eye on them

With Carole protecting us John got another good one