The first series of pictures shows a Leopard Seal that was inquisitive and came right up to our zodiak  before diving under us

He was not afraid and swam right past us while we just sat there bobbing in the calm water

When he got next to us he put his head down and dove under our zodiak

On a different day this one frolicked with us for a short time

He came toward us…..

…and went under our zodiak in the opposite direction

Soon after this first visit a zodiak spotted one that was hunting a shag. We are not sure if it was the same seal, so we motored on over. The water was rough so photography was challenging.

Our zodiak got there in time to watch him thrash the shag

The shaking was so violent that sometimes all we could see was water spray

He shook it until he skinned it and the meat was available. This is the shag’s breast muscle and wing.

When he was satisfied with his meal preparation eating commenced

When he approached us we decided discretion is the better part of you know what and we hi-zodiaked it out of there!