The Ibble Dibbles

This page has just a few of the numerous photos we took of our first group at Rekero camp.

At the end of this page we have links to each of these individuals with more photos.

Our day would start at 6 AM with moring wake up call and tea. We would be out in the field by 6:30 AM to watch the morning animal activity. By 9 AM it was time for a leisurely breakfast in the bush.

We would be back for lunch, then after a nice siesta and 4 PM tea and cake, we would go back out until sunset

They called our evening cocktails “sundowners”, and we would partake in them most every evening before we headed back to camp for the night

Back at camp, after a nice hot shower, we would gather around the fire and try to outdo each other with animal viewing stories as dinner was prepared

Dinner was superb, with plenty of great food and lots of other guests to interact with

After dinner it was time for drinking games, courtesy of Robb, our host at Rekero

The goal is to blow some cards off the top of the bottle without blowing over the whole deck

Carole and Naomi were successful…..

…..but Kate, another host, did not fair so well and it was time for bottoms up for Kate

Then came Leto, and as was true to his form, he knocked over the deck…..

….and it was his turn to celebrate his accomplishment

Once everyone got bored with that game it was time for another one

Relaxing after a hard day’s work

Happy campers!

3 hottie’s!

3 more hottie’s!

Village visit

Towards the end of our trip we decided to take a “booz cruz” down the Mara river

It was gorgeous night that included a rainbow that went all the way across the sky

Now is a good time to talk about the nickname of this group, the Ibble Dibbles.

This picture tells it all, and an explanation of this drinking game is probably not necessary. The winner is the person that makes the biggest fool of themselves.

Our last breakfast at Rekero on the morning the group goes off to a new camp at Lewa

All packed up and ready to go

Time for individual pictures of this lovely family. Click on the picture to see more

Carole and John

Phil and cathy