This page has just a few of the numerous photos we took of our second group at Ol Seki.

 The Cheetah Chasers

Ol Seki is a beautiful camp with its ambiance and style

Our day at Ol Seki started just as early as the other camps. We tried to catch that early morning sun.

By 9 AM we were back for a hardy and gourment breakfast. The breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at Ol Seki were a delight.

This camp allowed walking tours, so we took advantage of this whenever we could

On occasion we had a unique “hunter” Masai take us on a stroll

At the end of our walk we had our refreshments in the daytime……..

……. and our sundowners in the evening

Many an hour was spent relaxing and game viewing

Group 2 had lots of avid photographers

They also had an awesome balloon ride

They took off as the sun was rising

It is a nice vantage point for the Mara

The animals are not bothered by the balloon so you glide right over them

The landing is as much fun as the ride

On our last night the guides put on a song and dance routine for us.

It was a dance in our honor, showing their pride in their traditions and respect for us for coming to their land

After their routine they waited in eager anticipation of our song and dance (boy were they disappointed)

We reciprocated with our version of “auld lang syne” Who the heck picked that song?

On our last day they gave us a surprise breakfast in the bush (there is more to this story in case you want to hear it)

Time for Dr. P to say good riddance to group 2 and all their antics and get ready to meet Group 3 back at Rokero again.

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Dean and Norma






Pat and Karen