This elusive cat showed up a few times on our trip. Like all the big cats we can watch them for hours. Unlike the lions and cheetahs, leopards prefer to do things in private, so you have to get that shot when you can. One morning this female was found just outside our camp.

She was intent on something so we stayed with her. She moved through the grass rapdily so following her was not easy.

We were lucky to get a shot of her when she dashed off to attack a baby warthog. She was succesful, and move her prey into higher grass to eat. That was the last we saw of her.

This female was found when we heard her calling her young.

She walked right past us, and moved so quickly I did not have time to change lenses or cameras. So I had to stay with the 500mm lens, which was too much lens for this distance. At least I got a closeup!

Let’s test your eyesight. Do you see the leopard in this photo? It’s in the middle left branch of the far right tree. Sometimes this is the only view you get of wildlife. Lucky we have “eagle eyed” guides with us.

As we move closer she is much easier to see

She stayed in that branch until it got too dark to photograph

This beauty came out and posed for us in the late afternoon sun