Everyone brought a point and shoot camera along with their own personal digital SLR camera. These cameras were either the Canon 20D, 30D, 40D, or Rebel Xti. They did great and everyone learned much more about photography and had a ball shooting all those photos I had to edit!

A very important part of our equipment were the lenses. When it comes to wildlife photography it seems you can never get close enough. I brought along a Canon 500 mm lens, which was used to take the majority of animal photos on the trip. It was invaluable, and will go along with me on all my major wildlife trips.

A hallmark of our trips is the professional equipment we bring along for everyone to get a chance to use. These cameras and lenses are far too complicated, expensive and heavy for most people, so we bring them for all to use and significantly increase the chance of getting those priceless photos (once we showed them how to use all this stuff). We might not have gotten the eagle attacking the vulture, the cheetah’s chasing the baby gazelle, and the close up photos of much of the wildlife and people were it not for this professional equipment. My hat is off to Peter lugging some of this stuff to Africa.

Between Peter and myself we were well equipped for almost any photographic situation. Here is a smattering of just some of the professional cameras and lenses we own and brought with us. Don’t ask us how much all this weighed. My bag, which included 2 camera bodies, computer, several lenses, batteries, etc., weighed 36 pounds. The separate backpack that held my 500 mm lens weighed 15 pounds.

This is Peter with his equipment packed up and ready to load on the plane. Thank you Peter for bringing much of this professional equipment. Wonder what you are thinking about in this picture?

Canon EOS 1D Mark III- We had 3 of these on the trip. I will be bringing an EOS IDs Mark III in addition for my next trip.

Canon EOS 1Ds Mark III

500 mm f/4 IS

400 mm f/2.8 IS

Canon f.4 DO

Canon 70-200mm f/4 Image Stabilized (IS)

Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 Image Stabilized (IS)

Canon 24-105mm f/4 Image Stabilized (IS)

I order all of my camera equipment and accessories from Allen’s Camera. They have the best service, and do not push you into purchasing something that is not right for you. Many professional photographers purchase from them instead of the larger places like Adorama and B & H because the price is just as good but the service is better and more personal.

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