This page shows pictures of beautiful males, cubs, females, and mating lions.

This relaxed male was not bothered by our presence and calmly yawned his boredom.

These playful cubs put on a show for us

Their mother kept a watchful eye to make sure we did not feed them any junk food

These cubs played for each other for hours

They even played with a large male

This was not a good idea after they tried his patience a little too long

These juvenile males gave us a good chance to capture some drinking lions. John has the 500 mm lens, and we had plenty of time to anticipate the action.

John did good and got them at the right moment

This lioness was resting in the evening sun after an unsuccessful impala stalk

These females are getting ready to go on a hunt (great shot Peter)

In the early morning light this male was using his powerful voice to call another large male

The other male came over but kept on going

So our friend sat down and relaxed in the morning sun

Pretty soon his girlfriend showed up, so you can imagine what happened next

She walked right past the male as he took note of her

As she vied for his attention he played hard to get for quite a while

Every once in a while he glanced her way…..

…..and then ignored her again

So she kept on trying….

…. and finally got what she wanted

This young male lion was ready for an ambush

The wildebeest had no idea he was there. The male was just a little too far away, and not very hungry according to our guide, to go after them. So the wildebeest lived another day.