Michigan is a mecca for wildlife, and a wildlife photographer’s dream in all seasons. One of the best times to see wildlife in Michigan is in springtime, especially May and early June. The migrating wildlife have returned, the babies are being born, the area is waking up from a long winter, and the leaves are not yet on the trees. This allows you to see into the forest and spot more wildlife.

Migrating species that abound include sandhill crane and bald eagle. You can find them anywhere in the state, but especially in northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula (UP). WhiteFish Point Bird observatory in the UP has a massive amount of birds migrate past it in the spring. They have an annual count you might want to join in to help.

The wild turkey are in full mating behavior and plumage, and if you learn how to call them you will get some great photographic opportunities. You might even get lucky and see a fawn laying in the grass if you walk through the forests slowly and silently.

Some of the wildlife and scenery around Harbor Springs, Michigan that I have taken over the years.

Male bald eagle returning with fish to feed chicks





Baby snapping turtle




Pileated Woodpecker


Sandhill Cranes

Sandhill cranes flying

Sandhill Crane adult with chick (called a colt)

Sandhill Crane with two chicks

Whitetail deer and fawn

Whitetail buck

Local Lake

Great Blue Heron

Belted kingfisher

Male Canada Goose protecting his nest with eggs

Gosling chick


Red Fox at Nub’s Nob

White throated sparrow


Turkey Vulture


Female Belted Kingfisher


Garter snake


Male Turkey


Female Hooded Merganser and Merganserlings


Painted turtle


Barred owl

Tern with fish in mouth

Caspian tern with fish

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