In February of 2011 we went to the Serengeti at lake Ndutu to watch the wildebeests calve. It is quite a spectacle, especially when tens of thousands of female wildebeest calve within a two week period of time. We decided to stop off and visit the gorillas in Rwanda on the way to the Serengeti, and ended our trip with the Hadzabe in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. These fascinating people were on the cover of National Geographic last year. It was such a good trip that I would like to repeat it in the near future.
This page has links to 3 aspects of this trip:

  1. Rwanda with the mountain gorillas
  2. The Serengeti with the wildebeests and the predators
  3. Two days spent with the Hadzabe while they were hunting

All of the pictures on this page are low res for rapid downloading. If you are interested in the high resolution version let me know.
Click on any of the 3 pictures below to see many more and learn some details of these animals and our trip. These pages also have links to several short and basic videos to give you a better idea of what we saw and heard.

A  silverback gorilla in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Click on this munchkin below to see our trip and lots of gorilla pictures


Sunset over Lake Ndutu in the southern Serengeti

Click on this photo to see the animals of the Serengeti, especially the big cats


A Hadzabe hunter near Lake Eyasi of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area

Click here to see more of him and his buddies in action