A title for this page could be “Leto gets a buzz”.

This is the usual position for Sean (affectionately known as Leto from this point on)

This is the most movement we got out of Leto when we told him that Tea Time is over and its

time to go look for some wildlife (he perked up when he heard the word wildlife, although he had a different

type of “wild life” in mind)

Here we go, now he is awake and helping us spot wildebeest crossing at the Mara river.

He certainly has a unique way to use binoculars!

For some reason, Leto got a fly up his you-know-what and decided to get a haircut

Here is Kate gladly obliging him

Dominic was none too happy with Kate’s technique and decided to take over

That’s a lot better- a man with a buzz giving a man a buzz cut

Oops, don’t worry about the nick Leto, it will heal once you stop bleeding

Almost done, time for the sideburns to go

Wadda ya think?

Dominic gave Leto some lotion to put on. He never told him it was cape buffalo dung with

a whitener added

Rob and Leto showing off their chrome domes that night

Leto and Carly setting up to get a nice shot of a cheetah hunting. Follow this link to the “get thet shot” section to see how they did it.

Our Booz Cruz bartender doing his job

Hmmm, maybe I should join the Peace Corp

Keeping that travel journal updated

>Hanging with the male cheetah’s

Don’t bother me, I’m dreaming of tonight’s drinking game